Online Documentation

In addition to the manpages which come with the source code for Paperboy, there's some online documentation. These are available for download in both HTML and DocBook format from CVS as well.


(forthcoming for online) These are the manpages, the definitive source of documentation for Paperboy. Like all manpages they can be somewhat terse, but they give all the detail you need.

Paperboy Tutorial

(link) This tutorial goes through how to use paperboy in a bit friendlier manner than the manpages. It has fewer specific details, but has more of general how-to use. There are chapters for basic, intermediate, and advanced usage as well as an introduction to XSLT and some information for developers.

Paperboyd Tutorial

(forthcoming) This tutorial goes through how to use paperboyd— the daemon and batch processing utility for automating calls to paperboy.